Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Not A Wall

We all have brick walls in our ancestral trees.  Their size and texture changes over time and is directly related to the amount of effort we've spent in trying to knock them down.

Sometimes their foundations weaken as new resources become available and happily benefit our quest.

Sometimes a weakness is spotted by another person who has arrived to stand by us and stare at the wall.  Their unique perspective includes a view of a crack that can be opened with tools each of you brings to the job. 

Then there are the walls that simply don't acknowledge finesse and beg you to 'Bring It On'.  "Ok big boy.  You have my undivided attention.  Let's see you stand up to a full on assault."  Bringing all of your resources and wit to bear, the chips fly, chinks appear and then you find the ten-pound double-jack hammer in the form of aggregate research proofs that turn the wall into a pile of rubble.

The path ahead may be long or short, but the genealogy victory dance is sweet and memorable nonetheless.

Let's explore some of these great battles of wit and stamina.

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